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Breaking par is an Irish-based creative golf media outlet. It was created to highlight the amazing courses and players we have in Ireland but the common trend through each outlet is how to get better at golf.

Currently, Breaking Par has two outlets. The YouTube channel “Breaking Par: The Quest” and the podcast “The Breaking Par Podcast”. There will be more to come in the future and we are excited to share these with you as 2023 progresses. 

The YouTube channel “Breaking Par: The Quest” is all about the creature of Breaking Par, Phillip and his journey in golf. The goal he set for himself is to play a mid-am event and for that, his handicap must be below 5 but realistically it has to be around scratch. 

On the channel, Phillip plays Ireland’s top 100 courses, he plays with elite players and then has scratch matches against elite golfers, all in an attempt to get better at golf and reduce his handicap.

The podcast “The Breaking Par Podcast” is hosted by Ryan Gribben, an assistant professional at Naas Golf Club and the creature of Breaking Par, Phillip. The podcast itself is available on all popular podcasting platforms.

The show itself is a light-hearted and open discussion on all things golf and how to improve at the game. The show goes live at 3 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Fridays, there is a quiz that will test your golf knowledge and give you a few laughs along the way.

The Breaking Par Community

The Breaking Par Community is where we pick contestants for the Friday quiz and for giveaways and later on, competitors for the show. The community is something we are passionate about growing but also a place where we can give back to you the community member.

It works very simply when you sign up, you will receive an email and you pick your preferences. You can compete on Youtube and the Friday quiz or just one of them or even none of them.

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