The Breaking Par Podcast

The Breaking Par Podcast is for every golfer. It is an honest, open and fun chat about all things golf. As Ryan has turned professional and Phillip is on a mission the master the game, the hosts of the show talk openly about how they have improved at the game and also what has slowed them down.  

The guests they bring on are there to give insight into coaching, equipment and other elements of the game of golf. Everything on the show is based on one simple thing, how to improve at golf. But it’s broken down into simple and easy-to-understand methods that any golfer can follow.

On Friday Ryan and Phillip have a quiz to test their golf knowledge and to send the audience on to the weekend on a fun and happy note. If you would like to be on the Friday Quiz hit the button below.

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Meet the hosts of the podcast

Ryan Gribben

Ryan is an assistant professional at Naas Golf Club. Originally from Warrenpoint, Ryan has excelled in the game of golf and has won many tournaments and club championships. Ryan's knowledge of the game is vast and as he trains to be a PGA professional the insights and experience he brings have made the transition to the professional world of golf, seamless.

Phillip Walsh

Phillip is a man on a mission and is obsessed with golf. His goal is simple, to become a great golfer and to play a mid-am event. Phillip’s background is in video production and content creation and he is now applying his knowledge and craft to the golf world. Phillip golfs as much as is humanly possible and practices just as much. He is also the instigator of Breaking Par.

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